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FAQs and Inquiries


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Training Course
Training Application
Training fee
Training hours
/ Location
Training Manual
Photo taking and
video recording
Regarding Lunch
What to bring
and wear

What kind of courses do you have?

Please check the Course List.

What can we learn in each course?

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The equipment model I use is not included in the equipment course list. What should I do?

Please contact the DISCO affiliate office or agent in your area. We are happy to consider other options for the training.

To whom should I inquire about the training application?

Please contact the DISCO affiliate office or agent in your area with inquiries.

How much is the training fee?

Please contact a DISCO affiliate office or agent in your area for a quotation.

Where does the training take place at?

The training takes place at the head office of DISCO Corporation (Tokyo, Japan).

Where is Training Center and how do I get there?

Please refer to "Access from the Airport."

Due to the flight schedules, we need to leave earlier on the last day.

Considering the content, goal and the pace of the training, we will try to meet your needs as much as we can. Please contact us in advance.

Is the training held in a clean room?

It is usually not held in a clean room.
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Are there cases where training is held anywhere other than at the Training Center?

If the equipment is not available at the Training Center, it may be carried out in the R&D area at the head office in Omori.
However, the environment is not suited for training, and trainees may feel uncomfortable during hands-on training due to the small working space.
Also, there is a restriction on the number of trainees per working space.

Are training manuals printed on paper and distributed?

You will receive the data, not a printed copy.
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Can I get the training manual in advance?

We are sorry, but we can not provide the manual in advance.

May I take photos or record videos during the training?

Photography during training is permitted only for one-on-one training courses for customers.
Video recording and voice recording are not permitted.
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Is lunch provided?

Yes, lunch is provided. Please check here for more information.

What should I bring and wear during training?

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If the above FAQs do not solve your problem, please contact us at one of our locations listed.