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For Your Safety

Rotation Speed Limit

When blades and wheels (precision processing tooling) rotate at too high a rate when idling during equipment setup, there is a risk that they may break, thus causing injury and damage to the equipment. Please follow the speed limit* inscribed on the precision processing tooling to avoid such instances.

Rotation Speed Limit

  • A rotation upper speed limit for precision processing tooling during idling when setting up the equipment.
  • This safety speed limit was set based on measurements that determined the rotation rate at which products are at risk of breakage.

Rotation Speed Limit Inscribing

Please confirm the rotation limit, which is inscribed on each product, and is also written on the packaging.

Examples of product inscriptions

* In case of a 30,000 min-1 rotation speed limit, Limit 30,000 min-1 is inscribed.
* Inscribing is performed by the same method and at the same position as indicating the specification; therefore, there is no effect at the processing point.

Hub blade
Hubless blades
Grinding wheels

Example of the package label inscriptions

* The inclusion of a warning on the packaging requires us to increase the number of labels on packaging, or to increase the size of the labels.

Implementation of Inscriptions

Inscriptions will appear on lots produced from June 2011. They will be delivered as soon as stocks of present blades run out.

Video of Blade Breakage Due to High Rotation Speed

This video shows blade breakage caused by rotating over the speed limit during equipment idling.

* The wheel cover was removed for the purpose of recording this video.
* This video was edited in parts to speed up playback time.

When Using with a Speed over the Rotation Limit

If the currently used processing parameters exceed the rotation speed limit, please contact DISCO sales representative. We will check the safety.

Safety Sheet on How to Handle Hub Blades

This safety sheet explains the safety precautions regarding the handling, usage and disposing of hub blade. Always keep this sheet near the workplace for easy reference.
The following files are "Safety Sheet on How to Handle Hub Blade" in different languages. Please choose the language you want.

Expiration Date Displayed on Precision Processing Tools

The expiration date is displayed on DISCO’s precision processing tools as shown below.The expiration date (of your product) can be also found using the page of "Inspection Sheet Search For Precision Processing Tools" (except for some products).

Caution: Exposure Reworking of DISCO Hub Blades by a Third Party