Corporate Philosophy


DISCO Values represent the corporate philosophy that identifies the ideal from various perspectives, including the direction in which the company should progress, the basic approach of management, and the manner in which each and every employee works. The basic version of DISCO Values was established in 1997 and shared with the entire company.
DISCO Values stipulate over 200 items, systematically organized so they may be reflected in actual activities. Specifically, they document general corporate social responsibility (CSR) concepts by which we aim to exchange value with our stakeholders, all the while fulfilling the company's social mission. DISCO strives to conduct all of our activities from management decisions to day-to-day business in line with DISCO Values.
The following are examples of DISCO Values:

Bringing faraway science to comfortable living through advanced ‘Kiru’, ‘Kezuru’, ‘Migaku’ technologies

"Advanced Kiru, Kezuru and Migaku technologies" is DISCO's business domain. In other words, DISCO will never deviate from the three technology fields of Kiru, Kezuru and Migaku in our business activities. The company's social mission is to connect the ever-advancing science to bountiful and comfortable lifestyles via these core technologies.

Defining growth in terms of advancement of the mission and increase in the exchange of value

The management of a company can significantly change depending on how it defines its growth. DISCO does not think of growth in terms of expansion of sales, scale or market share. For DISCO, growth is measured by how close we come to achieving our Mission and by the increase in our exchange of value with and satisfaction for our stakeholders, such as the customers, employees, stockholders, and suppliers.

Always the best, Always fun

DISCO's motto is "Always the best, Always fun." We feel that, as professionals, it is a given that we thoroughly pursue the highest level of quality in the performance of our work. Also, it is just as important that we enjoy our work. These do not contradict each other, but rather we feel that their compatibility contributes to a fulfilling work experience.