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Corporate Outline

After-Sales Service

To help customers use their DISCO equipment under the best possible conditions, DISCO's experienced CEs (customer engineers) provide a full range of high-quality, reasonably priced services through a global network.

Professional Support

To provide customers with optimum results, DISCO's precision machines are highly customizable. Because each machine is used by the customer in a different way, DISCO maintains for each a complete maintenance chart detailing every piece of work performed from the time of installation. This database is a powerful tool that allows DISCO's CEs to provide the highest level of professional support.

A Full Range of Services

Machine installation

DISCO's CEs install a machine to match its new environment perfectly. This complete process includes the connection of utilities and all necessary adjustments.

On-site repairs

DISCO CEs mobilize quickly to perform dependable repairs at the customer's site. Further, CEs communicate thoroughly with the customer to make sure that all needs are completely understood and addressed. In the case of an emergency, CEs can utilize the CE Communication Network to get in touch with each other and plan the quickest way to solve the problem.

On-site regular maintenance

Because the life of consumable parts depends both on site environment and the frequency and intensity of use, DISCO recommends regular scheduled maintenance by DISCO CEs to keep machines running in top form.

Moving and repositioning

DISCO will move or reposition a machine after installation to support a new factory layout, a move to a new facility, etc. DISCO CEs carefully perform every part of the process, including shutdown, moving, and reinstallation. Long-distance and overseas moves include measures to protect equipment from excessive vibrations and temperature fluctuations.

Post-installation improvements and adjustments

DISCO keeps customers appraised of new processing and safety innovations and provides services to implement necessary or desirable changes.

Parts supply and repair

DISCO stocks all consumables and parts necessary for regularly scheduled maintenance. Further, DISCO can investigate a part failure and recommend repair or replacement-whichever is more appropriate for the customer.