What kind of company is DISCO?

DISCO develops, manufactures, and sells precision machines and precision processing tools.

What, how, and why are DISCO products used for processing?

Semiconductor Manufacturing Process, one of the fields that require DISCO products

At present, most of DISCO products have been introduced for the semiconductor manufacturing process involving highly advanced technologies of hundreds of companies in various forms. Consolidation of a wide range of engineering processes - mechanical, electrical, physics, chemical, and information processing - produces very high value-added semiconductors. The following explains the roles that DISCO machines play in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Side story

Origin of the name "DISCO"

DISCO was originally a blade/grinding wheel manufacturer under the name of Dai-Ichi Seitosho CO., Ltd. In 1969, when the company, which had developed its business only domestically, started to export to the US, DISCO was used for the first time for easy pronunciation taking the initials of the corporate name. This name also contained our intention to easily assume what we handled since "disk" in English and "disco" in Spanish both express the shape of the blade or grinding wheel. At the beginning, DISCO was used only as the name of the US subsidiary, but the name of the headquarters was officially changed to DISCO Corporation in 1977.

Old company logo
Current company logo