DISCO’s Response toward the Abolition of IATF 16949 Letters of Compliance Service

The Letter of Compliance service for IATF 16949, a quality management system about which a news release was issued on March 17, 2022, has been abolished by the certification organization. From the beginning, DISCO’s purpose in conducting these quality management activities was not the acquisition of this certification. Therefore, moving forward, the manufacturing of major precision processing tool products at Hiroshima Works Kure Plant and Kuwabata Plant will continue to be conducted in compliance with the IATF 16949 quality management system, and DISCO will continue to undergo audits for IATF 16949 requirements, in addition to ISO 9001 requirements, during the annual ISO 9001 audits implemented by the third party certification body.
In doing so, DISCO will continue to respond to the strict quality requirements, such as safety and reliability, required by the automotive industry.

(Reference) News release announced on March 17, 2022
DISCO has Acquired Letters of Compliance for IATF 16949, a Quality Management System for the Automotive Sector, for All Major Precision Processing Tool Products

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