DFG8541: A Newly Developed Fully Automatic Grinder
That Supports Φ8 Inches

December 13, 2022

DISCO Corporation, a semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturer (Head Office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazuma Sekiya), has developed DFG8541, a fully automatic grinder that can process Si (silicon) and SiC (silicon carbide) wafers up to a maximum size of ø8 inches.
The actual equipment will be exhibited at SEMICON Japan 2022 (to be held from December 14th to 16th at Tokyo Big Sight).


Developmental Background

In response to demands for grinding wafers smaller than Φ8 inches in the semiconductor market, DISCO has been providing DFG8540, a fully automatic grinder. DFG8540 has been shipped to many device manufacturers and electric component manufacturers as a standard dual-axis grinder.
On the other hand, two decades have passed since the initial release of DFG8540, and customers’ processing targets have expanded from not only Si, but also to composite semiconductors including SiC. In addition, with growing needs for wafer thinning along with the development of high-density packaging technologies, maintaining higher cleanliness inside the equipment is now required in order to reduce breakage risks caused due to the adherence of particles during the processing, transferring, and cleaning processes.
In light of this, DISCO has developed DFG8541, the successor equipment to DFG8540, aiming for stable thinning while maintaining high cleanliness as well as improved operability and productivity. By making a high torque spindle an option, it is possible to support difficult-to-process materials that have high rigidity such as SiC, responding to the SiC power semiconductor manufacturing needs that have been growing due to the global movement toward decarbonization.

Product Features

High Cleanliness

Prevents the adherence of particles inside the equipment and reduces the breakage risk of thin wafers by adopting the following functions

  • Adopts a non-contact wafer centering mechanism using a camera
  • Adopts each of the following cleaning functions as standard functions
    • Atomizing nozzle cleaning*1 for chuck table
    • Atomizing nozzle cleaning for processed wafers on the chuck table
    • Atomizing nozzle cleaning for spinner table
    • Atomizing nozzle cleaning for processed wafers on the spinner table

    *1 : A cleaning method where mist generated by mixing fluid droplets with blasts of air is sprayed against the cleaning surface at high speeds. The resulting shockwave and expansion wave enable strong cleaning with minimal damage.

Improved Operability and Productivity

  • The installed monitor size has been expanded from 15 inches (DFG8540) to 19 inches (uses a capacitive touch panel)
  • As recipes can be set for each wafer, continuous processing can be performed even when multiple recipes are present. Able to support multi-variety low-volume production.
  • By installing an electric axis for chuck table inclination adjustment, processing shape can be corrected by inputting the value on the monitor screen, reducing downtime for adjustment

Wafer Protection Function

Reduces breakage risks of high-cost wafers such as developmental products, cutting-edge products, and SiC

  • Wafer mapping: A function that detects cross-slotted wafers in the cassette using a sensor
  • Pre-processing wafer thickness detection: A function that detects thickness irregularities such as attachment of multiple surface protection tapes in advance
  • Vacuum retention function: A function that sends an alert when a power outage occurs during wafer transfer

Small Footprint

By adopting a built-in vacuum pump, the footprint has been reduced by 15% compared to that of DFG8540.

Reduced Air Consumption

By adopting a new bearing structure, air consumption is reduced by approx. 50% compared to that of DFG8540. DFG8541 also contributes to energy saving of plant facilities (compressors).

Equipment Overview

Supported workpiece size Φ100–200 mm
Structure Dual spindle (processing axes), three chuck tables
Grinding method In-feed grinding through workpiece rotation
Spindle Rated output: 4.2 kW (option: 6.3 kW)
Rotation speed range: 1,000–7,000 min-1
Equipment dimensions (W) 1,100 x (D) 2,800 x (H) 1,800 mm
Equipment weight 2,900 kg

Future Schedule

Exhibited at SEMICON Japan 2022 December 14–16, 2022
Test cuts Available
Sales start June 2023

DISCO is a semiconductor equipment manufacturer that provides precision processing equipment, including dicing saws and grinders, and precision processing tools (blades and wheels) used for manufacturing semiconductors and electronic components. In addition to these products, as a result of pursuing optimal processing results for customers through the provision of the technology used with the equipment and tools, DISCO products and processing technologies have been widely adopted by device manufacturers and semiconductor subcontractors both domestically and internationally. For details, please visit the DISCO website at www.disco.co.jp.


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