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Multiple Workpieces Grinding

Application processing examples

The simultaneous multiple-piece grinding using the frame chuck is introduced this time.

Simultaneous multiple-piece grinding method

Mount multiple workpieces on the tape affixed to the dicing frame, secure it to the DAG810 chuck table and perform grinding.

Simultaneous multiple-piece grinding frame chuck diagram
Simultaneous multiple-piece grinding frame chuck diagram

Applicable workpieces

Various workpiece shapes such as small round, oval and rectangular are applicable. (Either the 8- or 12-inch chuck table can be selected.)

Workpieces actually processed

Workpiece (molded die) largely warped due to the stress that occurred during resin coating after packaging, a quartered Si wafer, Si die, LT package substrate, gallium arsenic base, sapphire base, etc.

This function can be installed as a user-specified specification. For details, contact your DISCO sales representative.


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