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The Center Offset Grinding of TAIKO Wafer

Application processing examples

The TAIKO process is a wafer backgrinding method developed by DISCO. This process method leaves a ring (approximately 3 mm) on the wafer outer edge and thin grinds only the inner area of the backside wafer. By leaving this edge ring, it is possible to reduce the risks of wafer breakage or edge chipping.

In this article, we will introduce the center offset grinding as application example of TAIKO grinding.

What is a center offset grinding?

Adjusts grinding position, control center position of wafer and center of grinding position

Advantage of center offset grinding

By applying this grinding method in the TAIKO grinding, an effective area of an OF wafer can be expanded.

Processing example of Center offset grinding

We will introduce the processing example for 6inch wafer (short OF).
(Machine used: DAG810 TAIKO specification)

General grinding
Fig.1 General grinding
Center offset grinding
Fig.2 Center offset grinding


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