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Improving TTV by Planarization of backgrinding (BG) tape

Application processing examples

When attaching a BG tape on a wafer having a large unevenness in its pattern, the BG tape surface becomes uneven. This unevenness transfers to the wafer after grinding, which may deteriorate TTV.
In this case, it is possible to improve TTV after grinding by planarizing the uneven BG tape surface.

<Process flow and actual results>

Step Grinding only Planarization of BG tape surface + grinding
Attaching BG tape BG tape surface becomes uneven
Planarization of the BG tape surface -
TTV after grinding

Unevenness of the BG tape transferred to the wafer, which deteriorated TTV.

Since there is no unevenness in the BG tape, TTV of the wafer after grinding improved.

This function is usable as a user-specified specification. For details, please contact your DISCO sales representative.


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